The Stefanie Somers studio is hidden away in the woodlands of Texas. Really, you’d never find us if you didn’t know where to look. We rather like it that way. But we know that’s not why you’re on this page. So on to why you came…

About SSC

Jewelry from Stefanie Somers exploded onto the pageant scene over 20 years ago, and since then has been worn by over a dozen winners in the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America systems. Countless competitors across the USA have made SSC their finishing touch when preparing for their big moment.

Five recent Miss USAs in a row – Cheslie Kryst, Sarah Rose Summers, Kára McCullough, Deshauna Barber and Olivia Jordan – were all crowned in jewels created by SSC.

In addition to a starring role in PageantLand, SSC creates full lines of bridal and prom jewelry as well as daywear looks for crystal lovers who want to sparkle while the sun shines.

Made by hand, in Texas – with love

Each piece of jewelry is made in our Texas studio specially to order. Each stone is hand set, each joint is hand soldered, one at a time.

That gives us the freedom to create just for you, to match your gown, your look. Even our plating is done in-house; rhodium for a gleaming “silver” tarnish-resistant finish is out go-to, but we always have 14k yellow and rose gold available as well. Just ask! Did we mention that rhodium is also very hypo-allergenic? Win!

We use traditional jewelers techniques – many of us are trained metalsmiths – to craft your jewelry. We cut and polish by hand, and do most of it the old fashioned, slow way. We also take a lot of pride in creating a great workspace for our artists with real world benefits like insurance!

Some of our smaller items are cast to keep prices lower, always lead-free. Using the same rhodium plating. As a bonus, our cast pieces are also nickel free.

We stock over 2 million crystals right here, and receive shipments from Europe every week. A vast library of creativity is at our – and your – disposal. There isn’t much we can’t match. Or do.

Where are the materials sourced?

Our crystals come from Austria, but everything else that goes into our jewelry is from the United States. Our sheet, plating and casting metals are all US sourced, as are all of our other materials. We believe strongly in Made In America, or in our case, Made in Texas. You can read more about our materials here.

Ready-to-Wear vs Couture?

So what’s that all about, right?

We’ve borrowed the term Ready-to-Wear from the apparel industry, where Stefanie grew up. It means “off the rack”. Ready-to-wear, or RTW encompasses most of our designs library: Collection, Transitions, Edge, Classics, almost everything except Couture.

RTW are set designs that cannot have their shape, length, width or basic characteristics changed. Think of a t-shirt; the size is the size, the sleeves are the sleeves, the neckline is the neckline. No changes.

We can though, change the colors on our RTW designs, quite extensively in most cases. This is what a lot of our clients refer to as “customs”. They are, in a sense, custom made, to order, in the needed colors. They’re not however, customized as to size or shape. Hence, RTW – just like that t-shirt is the same size and shape regardless of what you may print on it, or what color you dye it.

So what’s Couture then?

Ah, Couture. That’s where we got started. For the full tour, visit the Couture page. But in short, Couture is anything goes, designed for you from the bottom up. No restrictions. Imagine a custom made suede t-shirt with silk fringe and a plunging v-neckline. You’re not likely to find that on the rack next to the gaming and rock band varieties.  But with Couture – anything is possible.

Why SSC?

Whether you’re competing, getting married or going to prom, you can count on two things: it’s expensive and it’s stressful. On top of wanting to look your very best, and the 9 gazillion other things you’re worried about.

We get it. And we’ve been there – many times with countless clients.

It’s a lot like competitive ballroom dancing. All eyes are on YOU. You desperately want to look (and feel) your best – more than anything you want to feel like you have business being where you are. Like you belong in your own shoes. Like you belong on that dance floor.

When all eyes are on you, we know how to make you look fantastic. We’ll bring the perfect accent, so that your crowning shot, wedding pictures, or prom pictures will always sparkle. So that you can be ready and feel ready – whatever your budget is.

There’s nothing like opening your first pair, putting them on, and seeing the sparkle dance around your face. Truly, nothing can compare. There’s crystal jewelry – and there’s Stefanie Somers. Sure, we cost more. Quality always does.

Your memories are worth it.

Let’s explore.

things we love hearing:

“I sold the gown, but I’ll never sell my earrings!”

“I can’t wait to get my first pair of Stefanie Somers!”

“I won’t wear anything but Stefanie Somers.”

Wall to wall crystal – the most SSC you’ll see in one place at the same time!

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