once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was this little girl. The little girl just loved kittens and puppies, and making things, and sparkly stuff. She couldn’t have kittens and puppies (something about a silly thing called “allergies”), so it was just her, and the things she made, and the sparkly stuff. She learned to string beads, and tie knots, and all about this stone and that stone, and how to set up a tent in the wind. She learned all about sales tax before there was an app for that.

Then the little girl’s mother opened a store.

And the little girl learned about the other end of the jewelry case. She learned how to go to The Big City, how to buy jewelry for lots of people, how to write orders, and juggle open-to-buys, and all about inventory and payroll – all kinds of things that she ended up wishing she didn’t have to know, but that would come in ever so handy later on.

Then the little girl went dancing for a while. That was really, really, really fun.

When she came back from the ball, she went to school. But because she was still just a little girl (inside, anyway), she decided to take theatre (after all, the little girl did love to play dress up). She learned about costumes, and makeup, and sets and lighting, and got to act, too. Even some singing, and yes, some more dancing…

Then the little girl realized she was all grown up. But instead of putting away her toys, she gathered up all of her sparkly things again, and ran away and started a jewelry company. She knew how to string beads, and tie knots, and how to set up a tent in the wind. She knew how to write orders, and take inventory and talk to customers. She knew all about costumes and lighting and how to make people look pretty – and even how they moved and stuff. She even knew all about sales tax. Most of all she knew how to dance. And she knew she wanted to make sparkly things for people that would make them as happy as the sparkly things had always made her – because you couldn’t be very unhappy for very long, not as long as you had sparkly things. She even got a puppy and a kitten.


And that’s how this whole thing got started.

For over 20 years now, I’ve been making things that sparkle, glitter and shimmer – beautiful pieces of jewelry to complement you for the most special events of your life. If you need special, hands-on TLC for your wedding, your pageant, prom, or red carpet moment, call me. Together we can imagine the perfect Couture creation to finish your vision. If you want something special and wonderful, but don’t have the time, budget or need for a Couture creation, stroll through our Ready-to-Wear collections – these designs have all been crafted with the same attention to detail as my Couture pieces, with an eye to style and price. With a wide range of color palettes available, you’re sure to find the perfect accompaniment for your event.

Everything we make here at Stefanie Somers, whether Couture or Ready-to-Wear, is completely made in the USA. Only our crystals are imported, from Swarovski©, of course. Couture pieces are hand cut, polished, finished and plated in our Texas studio. Ready-to-Wear designs are cast and plated in our Rhode Island facility, then stone-set in Texas by our fabulous team of artisans.

There truly isn’t much we can’t do. For me though, the personal connection is the best part, knowing where our jewelry is going. Every Couture piece that you see here has a home, was made for someone. Each piece has a story, was worn somewhere wonderful, and helped create a memory. When we photograph a Couture piece for our records, the name of the new owner goes with it in the photo, and into our archives, permanently – because that means a lot to us. You become part of us, part of our history. And hopefully, we become a tiny little bit of yours.

Let’s go make a memory together.