Below are some of our favorite designs. Contact us to discuss your vision.

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GENTRY, as designed for & worn by Gentry Miller, Miss Kansas USA 2012
FALLON in ombréd tones of Jet through gunmetal, Black Diamond and clear Crystal
Sapphire sunburst ombréd into Dark Indigo
Sapphire with Dark Indigo accents, surrounded by Crystal AB
Dark Indigo with clear Crystal
Lush Emerald & Fern
SCAMPI in Red & Fuschia with Crystal AB
SHERIDAN in Crystal AB
NEW YORK in Kashmir
NICKI in Light Sapphire AB
NAOMI in Black Diamond & Crystal AB
MADISON in Cobalt w/ beading
LAREDO in Red & Fuschia with Crystal AB
KIEV Demi in Lush
HURRICANE in the Flame palette
CYCLONE in Royal
KEISHA in Crystal AB
KASEY, as designed for and worn by Kasey Staniszewski, Miss Maryland USA 2013
GINA in Golden Shadow & Crystal AB
TESSA in clear Crystal
ALI in Heliotrope & Bermuda
CHLOE in Tuxedo
SAVANNAH in Nude & Aquamarine
GINNY in Trellis
TUDOR in Crystal AB
BRITTANY Demi in Black Lace
LARA in Gunmetal
WISCONSIN in mixed pinks

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