YLIANNA | Studio

photographed by Carlos Velez

Ready for the runway or the red carpet, our YLIANNA design from the Studio Collection blends fabulous faceted jewels into a wearably chic look that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Hand-soldered and hand-plated, then painstakingly hand-set in Texas, each piece from the Studio Collection is made one at a time to your specifications, in the colors needed for your wardrobe. Individual, one-of-a-kind. Just like you. 

Neutral or bold, monochromatic or wild with color, YLIANNA plays well with nearly every palette you can think of. Accent a suit or finish off a gown – bring your colors and let us create for you.

“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion”
Coco Chanel


Crafted especially for you

Select your crystal colors for YLIANNA from the dropdowns, and we’ll contact you with the feasibility and timeline, or direct you to a retailer in your vicinity to complete your order.

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