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Give us a bit of info, some photos, and we’ll work with you to select or create the perfect bauble to make your special event even more memorable and glittery. All information and photos are 100% confidential, so please be comfortable trusting us with your secrets.

If you should have any problems with the form, please call us at 800.400.4312, or email us at Contact @ with your info.


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Step 1: Please tell us about your EVENT:

Please tell us a little more about your specific eventfull name
Please tell us a little more about your pageant systemfull name
Event DateEvent Date
Need-By DateNeed-By Date

Step 2: Tell us about your WARDROBE:

Style Number if applicableStyle Number
Online link to photo?full name
Main colorMain color
Secondary colorSecondary color
Accent/trim beading colorAccent/trim beading color
Where did you purchase your gown?more details
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Please tell us anything else you'd like us to know about your wardrobe...Wardrobe comments
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Step 3: Please tell us about YOU:

Height in bare feetheight in bare feet
Heel height plannedHeel height planned
Earlobe to chin lengthEarlobe to chin length
Earlobe to shoulder lengthEarlobe to shoulder length
Earlobe to clavicle lengthEarlobe to clavicle length
Earlobe to halter or T-neck (if needed)Earlobe to halter or T-neck (if needed)
Please give us more info on your metal allergies
Tell us more about that hair color..something more
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Talk to us about your anticipated hairstyle:Hairstyle
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Step 4: Please tell us your VISION:

Tell us anything you'd like us to know, anything you're wanting (or NOT wanting!) Here's the place to tell us the jewels of your dreams...something more
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Step 5: SHOW us what you have:

We will need the following images: 1) A headshot, preferably with head and shoulders straight. Does not need to be a professional photo. 2) A full length photo... can be casual - we just want to see proportions. 3) If possible, a photo of you in the outfit... please do not worry if alterations are needed, or about hair or makeup, but please do include your face. 4) If your gown is custom or special order, and you do not have it yet, please upload any sketches, reference shots, or anything that will help us to assemble a picture of what your final gown will look like, including other gowns in the color your final gown will be made in. 5) You may upload up to 10 images. Images must be at least 300k in size, no larger than 5MB. Acceptable file formats are JPG, PNG and PDF. *All photos and information submitted are strictly confidential*

Step 6: Please tell us your BUDGET:

We have a broad range of pricing - from Ready-to-Wear through Couture., so tell us where you're comfortable.more details
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