Jewelry Cleaning & Storage

With proper care and storage, your jewelry will last a long, long time. There are a few things to remember to keep your crystal jewelry healthy & sparkling:

Put your jewelry on LAST, after all makeup and hairspray (no makeup on your ears!) If you need to touch up your hairspray, it is best to take off your jewelry first. Hairspray will collect in between the crystals and greatly reduce the shine, and can severely damage our pearls.


To clean your jewelry that DOES NOT include pearls, all you should need in most cases is a soft bristle toothbrush. A dry one will get an amazing amount of gunk out. If necessary, mix a weak solution of clear or white detergent, such as Ivory Liquid with lukewarm water. Dunk the toothbrush and scrub away. This should take out any makeup, hairspray, sweat, glitter, or, blechhy stuff that has gotten lodged between the stones. Finish up with a clear water scrub. We don’t recommend immersing your jewelry completely, although if you do accidentally it shouldn’t cause any harm. Dry your jewelry off with a soft piece of non-linting fabric to prevent water spots (we like t-shirt fabric)

For pieces with pearls, you can use the above method gently in the areas away from the pearls. The water/detergent solution will not harm the pearls, but we do not suggest scrubbing the pearls with the toothbrush – you can go around them, but not over them. In general, pearls will not hold a lot of guck, and polishing with a soft cloth (dipped in the solution above) will usually shine them up nicely. Please do be aware that pearls, whether real or faux are soft, and must be treated gently in cleaning and in storage.

DO NOT use any solvent cleaners, like 409, alcohol, Goo-Gone or Tarn-X; NOTHING BUT PLAIN WATER and CLEAR or WHITE DETERGENT—-JUST A FEW DROPS!


Cleaning your jewelry periodically to maintain it’s glow will keep it free from makeup, hairspray, and skin oils that will dull it over time. Remember to always give it a good cleaning before storing.

If you have any questions about cleaning your jewelry, please contact us. We do offer a spa service for jewelry that needs a good scrub or repair work. Prices quoted on an individual bases – contact us for more information.

IMPORTANT: Should your jewelry ever become damaged, or lose a crystal, DO NOT attempt to repair it yourself. Doing so will void your warranty, and could further damage your piece. Many common glues, especially cyanoacrylates (i.e., Crazy Glue, SuperGlue), can destroy the foiling on crystal beyond repair.


Crystal jewelry’s worst enemy is rough handling. Please remember that this is CRYSTAL, and treat it with the same respect and care you would fine crystal stemware. For instance:

ALWAYS store your jewelry wrapped in a soft lint free cloth, or individually boxed. Old t-shirts can be cut up to provide comfortable wraps for many pieces of jewelry. Wrap each piece—including EACH earring!—separately, so that no crystal surface touches another. Crystal WILL scratch itself. Wrap drops and dangles so they will not touch the main body of the earring. Necklaces can be laid out long ways and rolled up. Store in a sturdy, crush-proof box. 

ALWAYS make sure that your jewelry is clean when you store it. Dirt, makeup, skin oils, and hairspray can damage the finish (and the settings) over time.

NEVER store or transport your jewelry loose, or in with loose change, other jewelry, etc. We can guarantee it will become damaged this way. We highly recommend keeping a stash of ziplock bags and soft fabric scraps in your bag when wearing your jewelry, so you have a safe place to stash it if need be.

PRO-TIP: Hard case, hinged eyeglass cases are quite possibly the PERFECT storage boxes for large earrings. We suggest you stock up!

If you should experience any damage, or need some cleaning you’re not comfortable doing, ask about our spa service!