Here’s me with the man himself, Carlos Velez, photographer extraordinaire!

I’m Stefanie. I do sparkle.

For Miss USA, Miss America…
Big sparkle.

I do small sparkle too, but I won’t lie – I really love the big sparkle.

Wanna know more about me?
Here you go, in no particular order…

1. I used to be a professional ballroom dancer – a pretty good one too.  Danced and taught for about 10 years, and at one point (we won’t say exactly how long ago), along with my partner, was the United States Amateur Ballroom Champion. I also designed ballgowns to support that habit in the early days.

2. My academic training is in Theatre Arts with a concentration in costuming- and a fair amount of silversmithing classes as well. I was in acting classes starting around 7. And yes. I can build a hoop skirt. If you give me a minute.

3. I grew up in retail, working in my mom’s store, O’Ney’s in Timonium, MD, where we dressed all of the female anchors for the local ABC affiliate.  One of those anchors I’ll never forget, because she always took time to stop and chat with me while I was doing the jewelry displays. We always gave each other a big hug whenever we met. You probably know her: Oprah. Back then of course, she still needed the “Winfrey”.

4. I started my first jewelry company at – wait for it – 13. Yes, 13 years old. Business cards, tax license, the whole deal. It helped having two parents who were in business.

5. I’m a Trekkie. Through and through. I almost cried when PICARD was announced, and  I can’t wait for Strange New Worlds! (Not a real fan of the Kelvin-timeline movies though) If there’s anyone out there, I’d love a shot at designing jewels for the next ST production…

6. I’m an absolute wreck watching Miss USA. It feels like dozens of my kids up there. Seriously, I actually hyper-ventilate. That’s why it’s tough for me to actually go to the event – it’s a rough night! I’d rather sit back and feel the feels for all our girls in hiding. Tough to explain.

7. You will rarely find me without an iPad in my hand. I’ve been waiting for this thing since Star Trek came up with it way, waaay back. Best invention ever.

8. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. My dad was connected to NASA, and I had space-program-everything in my room. Total nerd. Did you know there’s a new Star Trek series coming out?

9. Dogs or cats? BOTH! I’ve had many. And no, there’s no such thing as too many🐾

10. My favorite color? Purple💜 

11. Don’t tell anyone, but I collect dolls. Fashion dolls. It’s our secret, ‘kay? Might be a little bit of an obsession…

12. I hate wearing makeup. I think this set in somewhere in between stage makeup, and 8am calls for lashes at dance competitions, but there you go. I seriously feel like I’ve done my time there. So if I look pale when we meet… that’s why! Those of you who have met me… well now you know why I always look so anemic.

13. A horseback riding accident at 13 screwed up both my knees quite nicely. Upon which several years later I took up dancing. Of course. Because that’s what you do. And that is why I’m not a world famous dance star. Yeah… that’s why.

14. If I wasn’t designing jewelry, I’d probably be…. working at NASA. Or SpaceX. Or VirginGalactic. Or something equally geeky and visionary.  Or maybe Disney… oh yeah. Probably Disney! 

15. Speaking of Disney… Did I mention I’ve designed crowns for Cinderella and tuxedo buttons for Mickey, and all kinds of other stuff – for the park characters? Now that was an amazing experience. Yes, I would absolutely work for Disney!

16. I love designing new Couture pieces for bold and adventurous clients! Click here if that’s you and let’s get started!!

Here’s a little glimpse of that ballroom thing.
Yes, that’s actually me, and yes, I was really blonde.
I designed and made the latin gowns too – and the catsuits (that’s dancespeak for menswear)

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