Couture Design

Every piece that leaves the SSC Studio receives the same attention to detail, from the simplest stud or Petite drop to the most complex Couture design. But make no mistake, our Couture work is in a class alone. 

What exactly is it that makes Couture different?

This should be an easy answer, shouldn’t it? Couture uses blah-blah-blah and does x-y-z. But it’s not. It’s a combination of a lifetime steeped in the fashion industry, artisan jewelry, and costume design, with a healthy sprinkle of performance experience on top. 

RTW – Ready-to-Wear – accounts for most of what you see from us. A good size library of designs in a large range of sizes that fill (we hope) just about any need. Add in our flexible color library, and there just aren’t many options we can’t achieve. 

RTW is a term borrowed from the fashion industry. When you walk into a boutique and buy something off the rack, whether it’s a t-shirt, a finely tailored jacket or an evening gown, you’re buying RTW. If you ever bought clothing (that would be… all of us?) that’s a little too long, or a little big in the waist, or you want to shorten the sleeves, what happens? Off to the local seamstress!

That’s a little hard to do with jewelry, especially OUR jewelry. Take one of our pieces to your local jewelry store and you’ll likely get a nice bit of side-eye. No clue what to do with us.

If you’ve ever been measured for made-to-order clothing… a custom suit, a wedding gown, a (ahem) couture pageant gown…? The differences are beyond profound. 

Many pages full of measurements that describe YOU. Notes describing the sleeve you want, the skirt, the collar, the inseam, your neck-to-waist length the bodice, the overskirt, the drape… if you’ve been lucky enough to have this wonderful experience, especially with any of the amazing designers working in bridal or pageantry today, you now that no seam is left unturned to make sure your gown is perfection. 

That’s what our Couture Jewelry is. 

We start with your dreams and your measurements. You may want an existing Couture design, or perhaps you want a RTW design, but with something more. More daring, more brilliant, more you in every facet. 

We’ve been known to blend two designs together. Shorten, lengthen, tweak in any way you can imagine. Change the stoning from simple to complex. Add a detailed crystal pattern. Alter the width, expand the length – or even add an entirely new flourish unique to you! We want your piece to be YOURS, from start to finish. 

We’ve designed jewelry from logos to emphasize a platform, created pavé patterns to echo the weave in a suit. We routinely look at the stoning on a gown and create shapes and stoning patterns to accent. We demand that the piece you wear is exactly the perfection you deserve. 

If I had to tell you what Couture from Stefanie Somers is, it’s one word: Possibilities.