How to Measure

We need three separate measurements when suggesting styles or custom designing.

The best way to get accurate measurements is:

  • Have someone else do the measuring
  • Use a piece of chain or string to get the length, then measure the string or chain against a ruler
  • Make sure you are standing or sitting very straight, and look straight ahead
  • Measure from the very bottom of your earlobe, STRAIGHT DOWN to each point
  • Each measurement should be longer than the last, i.e., Earlobe-to-Shoulder should be longer than Earlobe-to-Chin, and Earlobe-to-Collarbone should be longer than Earlobe-to-Shoulder.
(1) BOTTOM of earlobe to BOTTOM of CHIN
(2) BOTTOM of earlobe to SHOULDER line
(3) BOTTOM of earlobe to CLAVICLE (collarbone)


If your gown is a halter, or a high-necked gown, we will need one additional measurement: From the bottom of your earlobe to the TOP of the halter strap or collar –  we are looking for the HIGHEST fabric on the gown. This will vary with each gown; in the photo below, Jessica Hartman wears a very high sitting halter collar – we have shown the measuring line at the top… please adjust your measurements to accommodate your gown. You may send us a photo of you in the gown if you wish, and we will return it with notations on exactly where to measure.

Please note that we will also need the standard measurements shown above.