Jewelry Care

Caring for Your Stefanie Somers Jewelry

Some Tips to Make Sure Your Jewelry Lasts for Generations:

  • Do not throw or drop jewelry onto hard surfaces
  • Avoid direct contact with sprays and liquids—hairspray, perfume, etc.
  • Hairspray first, earrings last
  • Remove your jewelry while showering, swimming or working out
  • Do not place directly in water for an extended period of time
  • Never use chemical cleaners or polishes; gentle cleansers like clear or white dish soap work well if needed
  • Clean and polish with a soft, dry cloth
  • Store jewelry in its original box or other safe container
  • Keep jewelry – including earrings – separated from each other to avoid scratching
  • Never pull or yank on drop earrings; remove gently by the top of the earring.
  • Clean gently with lukewarm water and a soft bristle brush to loosen embedded dirt and dust.

Traveling with your jewelry

The key to keeping jewelry safe is to minimize friction and movement. Always be sure to pack your jewelry separately (earrings should be separated as well), and to make sure that larger segments of articulated pieces, i.e. earrings tops and drops, necklace sections, etc cannot come into contact with each other.

Strips of soft material wound around the jewelry are ideal (we love old t-shirts for this). Pay special attention to large stones and piece with big, highly polished areas. Over-protecting is better than under-protecting, especially when traveling.

One trick we really love is hard sunglass cases. Wrap your pieces well in soft fabric strips, and store in hard shell cases. You can color code by outfit, and fit a bunch into your suitcase or carry-on. Don’t leave empty space in the case – wiggle is bad. Stuff extra fabric in there. When you shake the case, you don’t want to feel or hear anything move!

Throw a small tray or three into your suitcase, so you can unpack and lay it all out at your hotel.

We know one designer who has an extra sunglass case in her handbag….

  • Wrap each piece/section separately and we’ll so nothing touches itself or at her piece or section
  • Pack into sturdy, hard sided containers – sunglass cases are awesome!
  • Shake to test… Wiggling jewelry is bad… minimize the wiggle!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Each piece of jewelry from Stefanie Somers is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, subject to certain restrictions.

Stefanie Somers jewelry is handcrafted so there will be variations from piece to piece. These do not reflect product flaws, but rather make each piece a unique work of art. Should your jewelry exhibit damage upon receipt due to defects in workmanship, the item will be repaired and if needed, replaced. Repairs resulting from normal wear and tear will be charged accordingly. By treating your SSC jewelry with the utmost love and care, you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Please note, while we are happy to repair any item with our tag or hallmark, or which can be positively identified as SSC, our warranty extends only to the original purchaser.

We may request copies of your original invoice/receipt depending upon where your jewelry was originally purchased. Items whose provenance cannot be traced, or which have been resold/bought on the secondary market will be subject to current rates at the time of repair.

The following instances are only covered by our warranty immediately upon receipt of your jewelry:

Cracked, scratched or chipped stones

Bent framework or settings

Scratched or otherwise marred settings/metal

Should you receive a piece of jewelry that is damaged, or a package that has been damaged in shipping, please retain all packaging materials and contact us immediately. We must receive claims on items received damaged within 72 hours of receipt.


We regret that we can only offer warranty repair to the original purchaser. Should you purchase a piece of SSC on the secondary market, we will be happy to perform any repairs needed, but they will be billed at current rates. You will be asked to confirm your original method of purchase, and we may ask for copies of your receipt.

SPA Service

We offer a SPA service for any SSC jewelry that’s looking a little worn out. We’ll go over the piece, replace small missing stones, clean, re-prong, replate where possible/needed, and generally spruce up your favorite pieces.

SPA service is included with all repairs at no extra charge. If you’d like to schedule a SPA visit for a piece not needing repairs, please complete our form below and we’ll get you scheduled. Stand alone SPA visits are $30 per item.

Please note that while we include return shipping in our SPA service, you are responsible for getting your jewelry to us. We suggest using a trackable shipping method, as we are not responsible for items not received.

Repairing Your SSC

We stand behind our work 100%. If at any point your SSC pieces need a little TLC, please send them back to us. We will repair any defects in workmanship at no cost to you. Natural wear and tear of an item may be charged accordingly, as will damage judged to be inflicted from misuse or improper storage or neglect.

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the original purchaser of all Stefanie Somers jewelry bearing our tag or hallmark, regardless of where the item was purchased.

While we cannot reimburse you for the shipping costs when you send us your piece for repair, we will happily send the repaired, good-as-new piece from our studio to your home.

  • Repairs are not valid if your piece has been repaired or altered by anyone other than Stefanie Somers Inc.
  • Repairs covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty include damage due to defects in workmanship. Natural wear and tear of an item may be billed accordingly.
  • Damage due to dropping, impact and improper storage is not covered and will be charged at current repair rates.
  • Due to the nature of our products, we may not be able to order certain components or parts needed to repair older items.
  • Repairs and any special requests may take 5-6 weeks to be returned. To check the status of a repair, call 800-400-4312, or email us at
  • If you are sending in an earring for repair, please send in BOTH earrings. All repairs come with a complimentary cleaning, and we would like to keep your pair of earrings sparkling!
  • Warranty repairs are limited to the original purchaser. We are happy to repair your secondary market SSC, but please be aware that we will invoice you for repairs.