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Made to Your Order

Custom Colors Available!

Every Piece is Custom

Your jewels aren't pulled off a shelf, ready made and boxed to go...

When we receive your order, only then is your metalwork done and your stonework completed.

Every piece we make is truly made for you.

Need a tweak? Done

Need a custom color? Talk to us.

Need something special? We're here for you.

It's what we do.

It's how we began, and why we're who we are.

You bring the smile. We’ll bring the sparkle.

DYLAN in action

You're not really very "basic" are you? You're just not the type to throw on a perfectly simple round stud and call it a day. We can tell. You need something with a little more character, a little more style, a little more... pizazz. Meet DYLAN.

DYLAN covers all the angles, a little helter-skelter in spots, a little off-kilter, a little... unique. Sound like someone you know? Lightweight? Check. Glam? Check, check. All the colors? Double check! (we admit, not everything is shown right here, so find that Ask A Question link and click away - we'll help figure out YOUR DYLAN!)

Our model is wearing DYLAN in soft glittering Ice

*not all plating variations are shown. for more information please contact us.